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Saint-Gobain offers the broadest line of specialty high-performance polymeric films to allow our customers to select the right film for their application requirements.  We utilize a full range of polymers -- including FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF and PMP -- to deliver the right combination of temperature, chemical and dielectric performance in a variety of key applications.


We feature our CHR® Tape, CHEMFILM®  and FLUOROWRAP® Films for a variety of electrical applications --




CHR Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape

CHR® pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are used in virtually every industry.  CHR tapes are not strictly PTFE on fiberglass--there are also polyimide, silicone, aluminum, copper, FEP, PTFE film, Fiberglass, paper, UHMW, and other specialty materials.  We focus on applications that require chemical and heat resistance – “Protective Tapes for Extreme Conditions™." 


Typical Electrical Applications:  Winding, Layer and Lead Insulation | Lead Anchoring | Coil Covers | Bundling | Wrapping | Banding | Isolation | EMI-RFI Shielding | Anti-Static 


CHR® Pressure-Sensitive Tapes (.pdf)  

CHEMFILM High Performance Films

CHEMFILM® films offer excellent electrical, thermal, physical and chemical properties over wide temperature ranges.


Typical Electrical Applications:  Wireless Communications | Semiconductors | Wire and Cable | Batteries | Capacitors | Displays | Circuit Boards | Handheld Devices

CHEMFILM® Polyimide Film, TH Series  (.pdf)

Chemfilm® Skived PTFE (.pdf) 

Chemfilm® Modified Skived PTFE (.pdf)

FluroWrap® Electrical Insulation FilmFluoroWrap® paste extruded PTFE films characterized by high dielectric strength and chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and resistance to permeability -- ideal for electrical insulation. 


Typical Electrical Applications:  Coil Winding | Wrapping Wire Harnesses | Wire Bundles | Cable Insulation | Fuel Cells | Submersible Pump Motors | Power Cables | Splicing Tapes

FluoroWrap® E5 Expanded PTFE Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® E7 Grade Expanded PTFE Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® A Grade, Natural and White, Extruded PTFE Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® MA Medium Contrast Grade, PTFE Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® MA High Contrast Grade, PTFE Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® 191 Premium Skived PTFE Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® PH PFA / PI Composite Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® FH FEP / Polyimide Composite Film (.pdf)


FluoroWrap® DF2919N PI Fluoropolymer Film (.pdf)



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Saint-Gobain is your leading provider of high performance films and pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.


CHR® Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape | Saint-Gobain Films

CHR® Tape

CHEMFILM® High Performance Film | Saint-Gobain Films

CHEMFILM® High Performance Film
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FLUOROWRAP® Electrical Insulation