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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers a broad range of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes serving industrial and commercial users. Produced from a variety of film, fabric, metal, laminations or paper substrates with acrylic, silicone, or natural rubber adhesive systems, Saint-Gobain is uniquely able to produce outstanding, and sometimes proprietary products.


Our combined expertise in fabrics (CHEMFAB® Brand), films (NORTON® Brand), silicones (COHRlastic® Brand) and coatings gives you confidence in our team approach to providing solutions to critical applications.


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Cloth, Film, Foil, Paper, Rubber Tape Products  

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CHR Pressure Sensitive Tapes 
A variety of materials with silicone, acrylic or natural rubber adhesive systems.  Each with various material backing substratesCHR® tapes produced from a variety of high performance and/or high temperature (HT) materialsWorking with businesses to solve demanding application issues and challenges
HV60-26 is an abrasion resistant silicone mask that will not burn in a direct flame.  Ceramic and metal coatings sprayed by HVOF make aircraft and gas turbine engine and heavy equipment parts.


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CHR Rulon Tape



CHR® Tapes -- a complete line of tape products for Thermal Spray applications

Thermal Spray Masking Applications